Stylish cat eye shape is a Rose Crystal design with a marble design onto the temples. Handmade zyl with French comotech spring hinge. Medium frame 52-18-140

Single Vision: Corrects one field of vision (distance, intermediate, or near).
Non-prescription: Make a fashion statement without vision correction.

Polycarbonate: Our standard included lens which is anti-glare and scratch-resistant with 100 % UV protection. It’s is lightweight and high impact resistant.
1.67 High-index lens is best for strong prescriptions (over total power +/- 3.0 or higher) to reduce lens thickness. This is not an impact resistant lens.

Blue Light Filter: All of the above plus they filter dangerous blue light from digital screens and the sun.
Transitions: Standard features plus a gradual transition to darker tint when exposed to bright light along with blue light filtering. Choose from grey or brown tint to match the frame color.
Anti-Fog Lenses – This lens has an anti-fog coating on the back side where fogging occurs when using face masks or changing of climates and an anti-reflection coating on the front side which helps reduce glare and reflections.

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Cat Eye Rose crystal frame with marbled rose crystal spring hinge temples. Medium frame 52-18-140


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