The story of Romieyewear dates back a few years ago. Having no real idea of how much prescription glasses cost, I was astounded to learn how expensive they were. Talking with a friend who had a 50% off coupon at a local retail optical and finding out that he still paid close to $600 for a pair of prescription lenses, I was floored. Now, don’t get me wrong, the frames were chic and well made, and he had a few extras as far as coatings put on the lenses. My thoughts immediately went to what kind of markup the retailer must have to discount something by half and still charge upwards of $600! I mean, you can get a quality Smart TV for less than that, without any coupon or sale. So, with these thoughts in mind, the beginnings of Romieyewear were born.

For two years, research was done from A to Z on frames, including materials used, sizing, and styles. We did the same for lenses using the same quality materials used by the large retail giants. As the research was underway, it became evident, as we had hoped, that there was a better way for consumers. There is a way to provide quality frames and lenses to allow people from all socio-economic backgrounds to have the ability to see the world without worrying about how or if they can afford it. From the young college student who is on a limited budget, to the family just starting life’s journey and all others who need to see clearly to perform life’s daily tasks, there was a way to provide a viable alternative. During this journey, we always believed that not one person should ever have to compromise the ability to see clearly because of price, more specifically, high retail markups. After all, the foundation of what we believe in as a company fits our core values. We are people who have always felt everyone, no matter whether its man, woman, child, or animal, deserves an equal opportunity. We are animal lovers who have supported and continue to support both local and national rescue centers. So when you see a beautiful dog modeling some frames of ours from time to time, you will get it. It makes us all smile.

It isn’t to say they weren’t many bumps in the road along the way like any new venture may incur. Keeping the mission of providing high-quality eyewear at a price that people can afford kept those bumps in the road in check. We were always able to keep in mind that we would not jeopardize quality in any way, shape, or form. After all, one’s ability to see isn’t something that we were taking lightly.

Something interesting also happened along the way. We began to realize that people were using their prescription eyewear, or in some cases, their non-prescription eyewear, as fashion accessories. We felt that by providing fashionable and stylish frames and quality lenses, we could fill a need that people were looking for with genuinely

affordable and realistic prices. For someone to have two, three, or four different pairs of frames that can match whatever style or mood a person is looking to achieve, while not anywhere close to the going rates my friend paid a few years back, a smile came to all our faces.


Whether it’s sipping a Small Batch Kentucky Bourbon with a Nicaraguan Cigar at Romeyewear or putting glasses on our dogs, we know there are many different tastes for different people. Some may like a bolder Bourbon, while some like a sweeter finish. Same with a cigar. Maybe a Torpedo shape suits your style. Or perhaps a big Churchill fits your personality and is more to your liking. The point is variety is the key to allow individuals to make choices that may suit their tastes, mood, or tolerance. Our frame selection reflects that same free-spirited idea of variety. We made sure to include all styles and tastes, from bold oversized frames to fun multi-colored translucent frames. Different shapes and styles to fit different sized and shaped faces are always on our minds. After all, we are all unique in our own way, even when trying to accomplish the same task.

Romieyewear was coming to fruition as a company as we entered into this uncertain time of Covid-19. Our team immediately began exploring different options to help people combat their lenses fogging up while wearing mandatory masks. We were also already keenly aware of the already everpresent problem of Digital Eye Strain regarding the many adverse health effects of artificial Blue Light emitted from our smartphones, tablets, etc. With online schooling and more people than ever working from home, health problems become compounded.
Our focus romieyewear-dog-laptopbecame making sure that we have the highest quality Blue Light Lenses.

As we begin our journey, we are on our way to accomplishing our goal of providing high-quality eyewear to people from all economic backgrounds.

From practicality to fashionable accessorizing, we can smile knowing that options are there for all walks of life, without the worries of affordability. After all, the simple necessity of seeing the world shouldn’t impact anyone’s financial well-being.

We have all experienced spending a ridiculous amount of money on glasses that kids keep breaking or losing. Glasses that keep getting left at the office, and with prices being so high, it’s too expensive to have multiple pairs. Most of us want to wear glasses with different outfits but do not have the funds to pay those high designer prices. Keeping all that in mind, RomiEyewear was born. With over 30 years of retail & optical experience, we strive to offer high fashion, a wide variety of styles, durability, and excellent quality. Our lenses are manufactured right here in the United States, without the price tags you will find elsewhere. We are building a brand that gives you all the bells and whistles without breaking the bank. That’s our promise to you. Let’s go shopping.