Choosing Your Frame Size

Numbers inside the eyeglass frame indicating the size.

If you have a pair of glasses that fit you well, we can use those measurements to help find your perfect fit.

Inside the arm piece (temple)  you will see 3 numbers which are your frame measurements.

For Example 52-17-140 indicates your eyesize, bridge size and temple length.

Staying within 2 mm of your current eyesize, 1 mm of your bridge size and 5 mm of your temple width is acceptable to finding the perfect fit.

If you do not have a current pair of glasses to work with the following guidelines are best:

  • Small/Kids Frame …… Eyesize of  48mm or less
  • Medium Frames….. Eyesize of 49-54mm  (most common frame option)
  • Large……Eyesize of 55mm and above
Measure Your Pupillary Distance (PD)