Accessories and accessorizing have always been part of the fashion game. Whether it is a man matching the right shoes or belt to his outfit, or a woman matching the right earrings or shoes to her outfit, accessorizing helps make the fashion statement you are looking for.

As Shakespeare once said, “The eyes are the windows to your soul.” According to CNBC. “Researchers concluded that eye contact evokes positive feelings of trust and a deeper connection.”

With eyes playing such an important role in first impressions, how can we use fun and fashionable frames to help emphasize our eyes? Whether you wear prescription glasses or not, there are multiple styles and colors that can help you achieve the look you want. For the non-prescription individual, think about how a fashionable pair of frames with non-prescription blue light blocking lenses will look on that Zoom Call that has become today’s new norm. For prescription wearers who must wear glasses all the time, the right frames become an even more important fashion accessory.

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No different than picking out that pair of pants or a dress, when wearing glasses, choose a pair of frames that fit your face and accentuates your facial features. Round faces tend to look better in square or rectangular frames. Box Wire frames such as the Conway fit the bill here. Retro style Cat-eye style frames in a semi-clear color such as the Reaction visually lift the face for a younger, chic, and sophisticated look, focusing attention upward and outward on the face. Bold colors create a fun focal point while brightening skin tone. Tortoise colored frames such as the Accord are highly fashionable today, giving that preppy and studious look. Clear and colored translucent frames such as the Lauren and Upton are very trendy today. Semi-Rimless Brow Line frames such as the Laramie and Classic create a bold retro-modern look popular today. Basic Black Horn-Rimmed style frames such as the Cosmo and Suspect are in style.

pairs-of-fashion-eyewearJust like shoes, one pair of eyewear can’t be right for every occasion. Keeping a few on hand for every event, activity, and outfit weren’t always attainable and affordable. With prices for a pair of prescription glasses averaging $250 or more, one pair has been the norm. With Romi Eyewear that has all changed! A pair of trendy, fashionable, well-made frames, along with a high-quality prescription lens made right here in the USA start at just $98 (including Free Shipping). And with current promotions ongoing when you visit our website that price drops below $80! So now the ability to accessorize with multiple pairs is real and affordable. Three pairs of fashionable single vision glasses for under $240? Done. Different color frames for different outfits? Done. Different shape frames for different activities, occasions, or even the mood and look you are trying to create? Done. And those above-mentioned frames are just a few of the many trendy, fashionable, and affordable options for women, men, and kids at Romi Eyewear.

Your glasses have a big impact on how you are seen by others. Choosing the right eyewear frame, color, and shape, will always ensure that you look fashionable and ageless.

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