Woman With Fogged Glasses Because She Wears A Medical Mask

In today’s new JUST normal, the issue of our eyewear fogging up while wearing a mask has become a real problem for some within both their professions and personal life. Think of your family doctor wearing prescription glasses, performing an examination, and having to deal with the problem of their lenses fogging up. I hope Doc didn’t miss something because they couldn’t see it. Or even driving at night, for personal reasons you are wearing a mask while driving with some friends, and your prescription glasses keep fogging up. Now you have a safety concern on hand.

So what are our options? Similar to snorkelers and scuba divers who actually rub saliva on their masks to combat fogging while underwater, we now have Anti-Fog Sprays for eyewear available on the market. Do we really want to be constantly applying spray to combat fogging? Especially under conditions where that may be either difficult or dangerous to do. We also don’t know if that will affect any of the other coatings that we may have on our lenses such as Anti-Reflective Coating(ARC). Visit our store to find your perfect frames.

A new option has arisen through the pandemic to combat fogging of our eyewear. High-quality Anti-Fog lenses are now available. Since most fogging occurs on the backside of the lens when wearing a face mask, the Anti-Fog coating is on the backside of the lens. An Anti-Reflective coating is then put on the front side of the lens. This solution is permanent and does not require rejuvenation using a cloth or drops. A superhydrophobic topcoat is applied thus making the front side of the lens easy to clean.

So if lens fogging is a problem for you in your professional or personal life, there is a great option out there for you.